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From research to practice: What can it look like?

This week I presented the Learning Difficulties Australia Weekly Wednesday Webinar. Below you will find access to the recording as well as my slides.

Title: 'From research to practice: What's involved in getting literacy right from the start?'

Description: In this presentation I outline the work that's gone into setting up English and Literacy in a foundation primary school that is committed to best practice. Approaches to curriculum, instruction, assessment, intervention, and practice improvement are discussed. This model is not being presented as an exemplar, as effectiveness will be determined over time. Rather, this presentation is intended to promote discussion about what effective approaches and models can look like in Australian primary schools, given the evidence we have available to us.

A word of advice: Teachers and leaders often get overwhelmed by individual and school level change. This is usually because, given the endless options, they don't know where to start, or they start by trying to do a bit of everything at once. Whether it is your own practice, or whole school change, pick one thing, work hard at it until you're satisfied with it, then move to the next thing. Rushing and overloading invariably lead to subpar results. For whole school change, give yourselves five years. Set goals with specific, realistic, observable, measurable steps for each, and you'll get there.


Research to practice - What is involved
Download • 3.17MB

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Jo Christie
Jo Christie
Sep 23, 2021

Thank you for this amazing resource. Do you extend Sounds Write into Years 3-6?

Emina McLean
Emina McLean
Sep 30, 2021
Replying to

Hi Jo. Thanks for taking the time to watch it and provide feedback. We use Spelling Mastery in 3-6. For students who remain behind (quite a few due to being a new school/students coming from a range of literacy instruction backgrounds), they do receive top up instruction in Extended Code as required, but morphology is the focus in the middle and upper years.

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